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Welcome to the FREE version of, the quickest and most intuitive forms builder on the web, or at least that's what we think. While there are many other forms creation tools out there, we have geared our free version of formsgen to be as straightforward and simple as possible, and we invite anyone to compare its simplicity and ease of use in handling a majority of the basic web form needs the casual user might have without requiring you to go through many extra steps that the competition does. Where other tools lead you by the nose and step you through the process of building even the simplest web form using fancy drag and drop WYSIWIG screens and facing you with an overwhelming number of choices and buttons to press to get through the process, we have hidden all the complexities of advanced form building in the background for simple form creation. In other words, when it's simple? Keep it simple. And fact is, simple web forms that capture user data only have a few basic elements to them. A title, a long text description to explain to the user what the form is all about, and a list of questions or data elements for the users to fill out...

The ultimate PHP CRUD generator and beyond... Built on solid, proven technologies, mySQL, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CRUD, the formsgen rapid application development environment lets you create new SQL databases on the fly and implement intuitive professional browse / form parent / child forms applications instantly... Connects instantly with any existing SQL database or start new using any number of our business supply chain model templates for quick start... No coding knowledge required.... Wordpress friendly... Cloud hosted on our secure servers or host it yourself... No sophisticated configuration or install required. Just a database connection and PHP server and your formsgen account... Use our default generated forms and or customize them using user friendly and intuitive WYSIWIG interface... REAL TIME DESIGN, authorized users can modify forms layouts while actually using the system. No compiling, no intermediate steps, instant verification and implementation. Relational Database enforces referential integrity... Define robust custom business edits at the field level for required, conditional, optional fields, value lists, foreign key validations, ranges, strong data typing, error messages, default values, help text, field level security, data ownership... Define Parent Child file relationships to build sophisticated multi-level Header / Detail Applications... Fully integrated documents, Images and resources repository with interactive point and click storage, retrieval and navigation at the database, file, field, and individual transaction, the dream of true paperless... Online Chat integration lets you identify and chat with the formsgen development team using Messenger, or even define and launch your own chat partners down to the field level field level to help users reach out for information without having to leave the screen they are on on any specific transaction... Reach Out feature takes online chat a step further and allows you to builds single-use disposable chat buddy URLS to forms on the fly that allow your users to ask specific questions for a remote user to answer by entering answers directly to the system for immediate update only after passing your strict editing rules in real time... Maintain names and contact methods for the people and resources that know the most about your data, at the database file & field, transaction file and field, integrated with the data capture and maintenance interactive process itself... ecommerce friendly... WYSIWIG design seamlessly integrated with table driven content management system database... Define your own custom APIs to retrieve data from other websites automatically on scheduled, real-time automatic as needed, or on request basis, fully integrated with data entry end maintenance processes... WordPress friendly... Runs in frames and iframes... Customized code snippets... Compliance and Certifications feature help ensure both internal SOP and government agency regulatory procedures are followed, prompted for and or recorded in real time or to be followed up on so not forgotten on a transactional basis, optional down to the field level... Links to your Procedures and Operations Manuals Resources repository allows operations and procedures manuals, guides and any other other user guides or manuals to be recorded when available or as they become available on an ongoing basis in the legacy, and when these are on file, users can access them online... Built-In Data Source Management and Auditing at the field level for definition of where the value for any given data element is generally gotten from, i.e. user input, or for example, the product code on the purchase order line item or some other document. This can be used in conjunction with APIs that scrape web pages for values from other systems and also interface with the Chat and Reach Out features... Supports multiple Test and Development Environments, system is table driven and while new and or modified functionaly can be implemented in real time, any number of test or development copies of the sql database can be made at your need to ensure smooth maintenance and promotion of changes to the production environment and business process in general... EDI Electronic Data Interchange X12, Edifact, XML, CSV, custom flat files... Import and Export from and to any file formats and data definition languages and schemas...Data collection tool, forms generator, surveys, invitations, events, contact forms, quiz, , polls, customer feedback, product order and payment forms, and even full scale business applications, - ask simple and multiple questions in either text or with photo images, collect email addresses, names, addresses, phone numbers, simple yes no questions, opinion scales, ask for 1 to xx star ratings, or if stars aren't your thing, award donuts or flower, or hearts or whatever, upload your own images, ask for dates with calendar selection, Legalese I accept / Con't accept or any other kind of checkboxes, Radio button choice answers, Drop down list answers, Ask for and verify URLs.., Custom Branding, WYSIWIG form designer, Collect data, payments, and files ,

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