Fake News Flagger Report Form

This form allows you to report what you believe to be a Fake News web site, page, posting, story, whatever, and classify it to the umpteenth degree of granularized detail so we here at fakenewsflagger.com can compile anecdotally meaningful, compelling and hopefully statistically significant data that may be presented FREE OF CHARGE to social media sites such as (for example, but not necessarily, nor exclusively restricted to) great sites like Facebook.com, so they can continue to and perhaps even better lead the crusade against FAKE NEWS and get it off of YOUR face and OUR face, and win the race against people profiting on misinformation, no matter WHO they are. *** our thanks to both krapchat.com for their support and especially formsgen.com for their free instant MySql relational database and forms builder services.

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type of fake news suspected
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